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Family reunion photo from early 1950’s. Family patriarch, John’s grandfather David Spain, seated middle row 3rd from the right. His children fill the rest of the middle row. Above them are the spouses, aunts and uncles. Bottom row are the grandkids. John didn’t make this photo, but his cousins and siblings are all there minus the ones not yet born.

Top row (left to right); Gaston Jordan, Martha Spain (John’s mom), Claude Spain, Sudie Spain, Emma Dodd  (I think), Letha Spain, Eulas Murphy, Verna Lois Spain

Middle row (left to right); Bessie Spain Jordan, Fred Spain (John’s father), Kate Spain Hollingsworth, David Spain (John’s grandfather), Evelyn Spain Murphy, David (Boots) Spain

Bottom row (left to right); David Jordan, David Spain (John’s brother), Sidney Spain, Nancy Spain (John’s oldest sister), Jimmy Spain, Sudie Spain (John’s second sister), Pam Spain, Mary Katherine Jordan

Here is a repository of historical pictures of our family members.

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